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Welcome to P2d RAW network.
We are an ecosystem of creators who specialize in hosting cutting-edge events in the metaverse and stream them live across social media platforms such as Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

Our network is dedicated to providing immersive and engaging experiences for audiences of all ages and interests, from virtual concerts and gaming tournaments to art installations powered by AR and educational workshops like we've never experienced before.

Whether you're a seasoned virtual reality enthusiast or new to the world of the metaverse, we invite you to explore our upcoming events and join us for a journey into the future of entertainment.

+ We collaborate with the RAW DAO to incentivize our RAW community that is pioneering the physical 2 digital mission by offering skills and perks such as:

Metaverse ready digital assets & metaverse rentals

Exclusive NFT airdrops from live events

RAW Marketplace

A growing ecosystem

P2d RAW Network


Metaverse-ready digital assets and rentals

> Interoperable Metaverse rental properties available to
host your digital events, podcast, galleries, and more!
> Metaverse-ready digital assets available NOW to add to your collection
 > Exclusive drops curated for the RAW community
+ members are able to use their RAW points to redeem them for digital assets like
 studio rentals, custom metaverse cars, furniture, workshops, shows, and more!

Physical 2 digital Merch

Shop at our physical merch store and you'll receive the metaverse-ready digital twin of the merch
and unlock more metaverse assets like spaces, furniture, and more!

P2d RAW Demand

Watch RAW metacast live or catch the replay anyime!

Connect with the P2d RAW Network:

Metaverse Events

YOUR metaverse events & rentals

Physical 2 digital merch

NFTs & RAW Points

P2d RAW Demand

Where to Connect with us

P2d RAW Network x RAW DAO

We are proud to announce our collaboration with a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) which enables us to incentivize our community.
By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, our network and the DAO strive to create a more equitable and sustainable future for creators in the metaverse.

Our team is dedicated to supporting creators in their journey to enter
the digital space and achieve their goals.
We host educational workshops to educate others on how to go physical 2 digital and also provide spaces for businesses to record podcasts, host exclusive events, and do just about anything you can imagine in the metaverse!

With our help, you can focus on creating and let us take care of curating the space, providing a DJ / Host, or anything else you may need!

Connect with the P2d RAW network here:


Come back anytime to access the calendar, links for events, promo codes to shops in the RAW Marketplace, information for new drops, P2d RAW demand, and much more!

If we're live catch the twitch live stream below or hit "Join a live event" in the corner to meet us there!