Lets dive into the Metaverse

Different RAW creators host events in the metaverse throughout the week where the community can join on mobile, computer, or VR!

Happening this month:

The theme for #RAWszn5 is 'Variation'

January [The Reboot]
RAW regular series resumes and reveal RAW point system

February [Variations of appreciation] 
RAW Creators will use the theme to create content, NFTs & much more!
+ It's Black History Month!

Come see what's happening in RAW

Every Friday we get together to watch the Let Out together to see highlights from events that happened throughout the week!

Then Every Sunday we meet in 7th Odyssey, our metaverse flier hub, to talk about everything happening the upcoming week.


Women in the Metaverse

Every Monday we meet in the Women in Metaverse Treehouse to have mind-elevating conversations! 

Every 3rd Monday is Mommies in the Metaverse lead by TinyCreates_


RAW Game Night

Every Thursday we meet in the metaverse to play different metaverse games like bingo, jeopardy and so much more!
Join in on the phone on mobile, PC or VR!

+ we will take pictures at the end to send to winners as NFTs! 


Our Regular RAW events

Click the link and you'll be right in the space!
RAW Talk

Every Saturday @ 4pm PST Mo'Casso and Chy have an all-inclusive conversation talking about news in blockchain, pop culture, and any other trending topics!

Share trending topics throughout the week in our discord and we will add them to the RAW talk itinerary!

Fashion Friday

Every Friday @ 8 am PST we live stream our Fashion Friday Twitter space in one of our spaces to help amplify the message

Join the discord and let us know if you would like to be featured on a panel!

Twitter Spaces with Dolphin ARC DAO  x RAW DAO

Join the weekly twitter spaces to have interesting conversations and plan the monthly panel together!

More Regular events

SNL lets talk about it 2.0
ShivaLeela Allen [idanceArtHweb3]

Bi-Weekly group sessions Saturdays @ 5pm PST with Q&A about discussions on Culture, Dance, NFT, and Healing held in my Spatial Metaverse IDance Art House Web3.

+ Get POAP NFTs, RAW points, and more by joining the fun

The Valon
Chy [iamdesiredraw]

Meet Chy in her virtual salon every Sunday @ 6pm PST to hear different interviews she host exploring different hair journeys

+ learn how Chy is transforming the hair industry with web3 tools! 

RAW Music Showcase
DJ Strapz

Come listen to the latest music in the Degen Depot with DJ Strapz every Friday @ 3pm PST

+ feature YOUR music in the RAW Music Showcase!

X and DJ Strapz

Join the weekly conversation hosted by X and DJ Strapz Mondays @ 5pm PST discussing current events, blockchain news, and other conversations to elevate our mental.

+ Play chess, poker and other games with others in the space

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