Its time to take your physical creations and turn them into digital assets

Join a network of creators unionizing in the web3 sphere to build a future that works for us all. 

What can I do in a metaverse space?

We release collections of interoperable metaverse-ready assets such as environments, cars, furniture, and more to empower your digital twin AND work in virtual reality.

Refresh your spaces every month as we release new collections and will be here to help you go physical 2 digital, even if you just want to add our RAW pieces to your own collections!
Check out our Metaverse hub NOW:

Record a podcast in the metaverse

Let's take your podcast to the next level!
Rent our spaces to record your podcast and then host interactive experiences in the space to allow your community to experience your content like never before!

Create a Gallery or Live Showcase

Create new experiences for reveals, collections, and innovative ways for your community and supporters to connect with your work.
Book a 1 on 1 and we will explore your mission and how we can help you take it to the next level going physical 2 digital. 

Host Event in the metaverse

Host events in the metaverse that is open for anyone to join on mobile, VR, or PC, or Use NFTs to host token-gated events.
P2d RAW Network will help you produce immersive events and even stream them across social media platforms like Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and more services that you may need.


Token Gated Event

  • You will receive an NFT to access spaces in the metaverse for token gated events like cooking sessions, educational workshops & more!
  • + more utilities & future perks with NFT


Rent a space per month

  • Rent a full metaverse environment to host events, create content/podcast, 24/7 digital stores & more!
  • +  receive exclusive digital assets to refresh your spaces monthly


Full Service

  • Customization
  •  Event Planning
  • Host / DJ / Streaming
  • + Platinum perks
  • ++ exclusive metaverse ready assets available to refresh spaces 


Check Patreon for yearly rate

  • Own environment
  • Customization
  • Free metaverse assets monthly to refresh space
  • Full service to host events

Frequently Asked Questions

Through our NFT system! You can buy the NFT directly on opensea on the polygon blockchain or subscribe to the Patreon to enable automatic monthly payments with PayPal or a credit/debit card, better rates, RAW points, and exclusive content just for Patreon members. 

Once you complete the questionnaire you will receive an email within 24 hours to schedule a 1 on 1 consultation. Once we have a plan it will take 24-48 hrs to curate and release your space. 

1. Submit a questionnaire! We will send an email and you will be able to schedule a 1 on 1 
2. Discord! The RAW DAO discord is where we spend a lot of time sharing daily updates and connecting with the entire RAW ecosystem 
3. Follow us on social media @p2d_rawnetwork

Just click the link on our site and it'll take you right into our spaces!

+ Check out our Youtube! We share tutorials to show you how to create avatars using Ready Player Me so you can join different metaverses on your mobile, PC or VR

YES! Our network is a hub that allows people to collaborate, share tools, and support each other as we all transform physical creations 2 digital assets. We believe everyone has unique gifts they add to the ecosystem and even attending RAW events or sharing on social media helps amplify our message. RAW points are available for RAW community members, collaborators, or core members to collect and redeem throughout the entire RAW ecosystem 

1. Use the chat feature to send a message anytime and get a response from a real person!

2. Submit a questionnaire and we will email you to set up a 1 on 1 meeting

3. Meet us at our open house Every First Friday 12-2 pm PST

3. Come by the RAW DAO onboarding space Sundays @ 12 pm PST to ask any questions or learn about what's going on in the network

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