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New Collections

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RAW High Club collection

This collection of metaverse jets offers a variety of options for virtual travel and connection.

Take flight in our exclusive collection of jets and helicopters to soar through the virtual skies. Each jet is uniquely designed and has a variety of characteristics to create high-end experiences for you and your guest to enjoy immersive experiences such as parties, stores, podcasts, and anything else you'd like to use your space for!

The second type of jet is a chartered jet, which offers a more expansive virtual travel experience. These jets include an outside area, with features such as custom cars, booths for vendors, and plenty of area to host large gatherings.

7th Mecca RAW collection

Inspired by the fusion of nature and technology, in this collection we covered different RAW environments in electric patterns generated by AI and real physical 2 digital patterns by Mo'Casso. 

You will notice each environment shares the same skybox so it appears they are all in the "dome" and the dome is a representation of our entire RAW ecosystem. Within the dome, we have different spaces such as a studio in the main 7th Mecca RAW, the RAWplex, 7th Apollo showcasing ShivaLeela, RAW Meta Mall by Tiny Creates, and much more!

Winterized Collection

It's winter In the Metaverse! 
We took our visitors to snowy places around the world like mount Everest with our immersive skyboxes, added snowmobiles to sit on, and made it snow at one of our stores!

Check out our winter collection and add these metaverse-ready assets to your collection!

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Inspiration for metaverse-ready digital assets:
> Black History Month
> Stages / Plays and production in the metaverse
> Black History Month Metaverse Play premiering in February!
> Super Bowl!

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