Earn RAW points [R1z] the more you connect with the P2d RAW network! Each Business in the ecosystem has different ways you can earn RAW points and also offer amazing things you can redeem your RAW points on!

Join the RAW DAO Wonder board and you will see a 'pod' for each creator and the different 'bounties' you can complete and earn RAW points!

You also earn RAW points as you buy NFTs, merchandise, rent spaces, attend events, or just about anything that you do within the RAW ecosystem

+ You will also earn NFTs as proof of purchases, attendance, and even fun utilities like proof of winning 

Our Features


Enjoy incentives across the entire ecosystem! This is a great new way to connect with and reward our supporters!
As our network grows, so does yours! 


Although some of our NFTs can be purchased and used as keys to access token-gated events, MOST of our NFTS are airdropped as tokens of appreciation, proof of purchase, and other forms of receipts.

Check your Opensea wallet at the end of each month after the RAW Townhall if you earned any RAW NFTs

RAW Points [R1z]

A simple way to track the input of community member's efforts by rewarding loyalty points  and having amazing incentives they you can redeem your RAW points on

How to earn RAW Points:

RAW Talk

Earn points for helping curate the convo by sharing trending topics and joining and earn free metaverse mugs and more!

iDance Art House web3

Vote on topics you want to talk about and join the conversation to earn access to fitness Friday and more!

P2d RAW Network

Earn RAW points by attending events, renting spaces or buying Merch to earn metaverse rentals, assets and more!

more ways to earn R1z:


Help spread the word about whats happening and shop at the RAW Meta Mall to earn rent at the RAW Meta Mall and more!

The Valon

Be a part of transforming the hair industry with Chy and earn promotion, your own space in the Valon, and more!

Steps to Earning

It's very easy to get started and even easier to keep earning!
If you have any questions shoot the chat a message below and a real person will respond shortly!


Complete a bounty

Join our RAW board on Wonderverse.xyz and see all of the bounties and ways to currently earn RAW points

We have 'onboarding' every
Sunday @ 12pm PST
Come by if you have questions or need help getting on the RAW wonder board!

Collect Points on Wonder

1. Join the Wonder Board
2. Join 'pods' for different creators
3. Select the bounty you completed
4. Hit 'make a submission' and submit 

Redeem Points

 We have a special metaverse hub for you to see everything available and how to claim it

+ Wonderverse is working on new features for point redemption 

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