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 [ you will see the term 'RAWcast' often. This is a term we coined to describe the podcast we produced by the P2d RAW network in the metaverse. ]

Where you can watch:


If you enjoy watching the replays on youtube make sure you try to screencast it to your TV and really enjoy the show!


Similar to Youtube; you can find and enjoy our content on rumble if you enjoy watching content on that platform!


Catch RAW exclusives like Fashion Fridays, Women in the metaverse, and other RAWcast where ever you enjoy listening to podcasts!

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You can watch events LIVE on social media platforms like Twitter, Twitch, Youtube and Facebook  

Twitter is a great place to find replays and recent news in the network!

Exclusive RAWcast:

Women in the Metaverse
Fashion Friday

RAWcast by RAW Creators

RAW Game Night
RAW Music Showcase
SNL lets talk about it 2.0
The Valon

More exclusive RAWcast:

RAW DAO x Dolphin Arc DAO Panels
The Let Out & The Pregame
RAW talk

Coming soon...

Why am I single?
What in the Universe?!
P2d Mall Makeover
RAW Radio coming soon to AMP!

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