Super RAW

A collection of accessories and merchandise curated by Mo'Casso.
Mo'Casso uses her physical tie-dye creations and transforms them into digital patterns that are then used for social media content, NFTs, digital fashion pieces, and so much more. 

Although the tie-dye pieces are typically 1 of 1s, this merchandise collection was created to help spread our message of the power of transforming physical 2 digital for all creators and businesses and making it economical to support the movement.

Once you shop the physical complete the form at the bottom of the page and you will also receive an NFT with the metaverse-ready digital twin of the merch!

+ 10% of the Proceeds are currently being donated to the Hidden Genius Project
{a charity supporting young black males with STEM and mentorship resources}

How to enjoy Physical 2 Digital Merch


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RAW points

$1 = 1 RAW Point
You will be able to redeem your RAW points for exclusive P2d Metaverse-ready digital assets along with using your points throughout the entire RAW ecosystem.

Available Collections

When you buy the physical merch you will also receive a digital twin of it you can put it in ANY of your metaverse spaces!
+ You can earn custom metaverse furniture, cars, jets, and much more the more you shop!

Aquarius Collection
[ jet coming soon! ]

Come Check out the Aquarius Jet dropping 2/3/23 and open 24/7! Check out the physical and digital merch available!

+ Spend $100 and receive the Metaverse Aquarius Jet fully loaded!

1/20 -

January Collection

Capture the beauty of the Capricorn and Aquarius meeting in January with a fun 500-piece puzzle and other cool merch created with art Mo'Casso generated with AI!

Supporters will receive a special NFT that will allow them to access the official Super RAW [Capricorn jet] anytime.

After the zodiac szn has passed, buy the official Jet NFT to claim the Metaverse Capricorn jet. This will also unlock the Capricorn P2d merch store for you to shop or connect with other Capricorns at the Official Capricorn jet any time!


Seeing Things in a Different Light Collection

This is an exclusive collection with Temporary Malfunktion.

We used brain scans to help use show a different way to look at anxiety and the stigma of mental health! We also combined, fashion, NFTs and shipped the original tie dye t-shirt across the world to create!

+ 10% of the proceeds are donated to a suicide prevention hotline based in the UK.


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